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ZM Website Terms

Website Terms of Use

1. Website Terms of Use

Welcome to the website of “Zichron Menachem Jerusalem for Health and Chessed”, Registered Association no. 580179372 (hereinafter: “the Association”). The information on this page defines the terms of use for the website. Read the terms carefully. Use of the website, including making a donation, constitutes your consent to these terms. If you do not consent to these terms, please refrain from using the website. The terms of use are written in the masculine form for purposes of convenience only but refer to both genders equally.

2. Website Content

Various types of information are published on the website. The information is provided as a service to the user only and may be updated occasionally. The Association is not responsible for the essence of the content and/or its quality and/or any mistake that may exist in relation to the content, or any manner in which it may be used. Prior to relying on said information, independent verification of the information is recommended. The information and content published on this website are meant to inform the website user about the Association’s activities, as well as the nature and scope of the services that it provides to the general public. The Association and its representatives shall not bear any liability for direct and/or indirect and/or circumstantial damages of any type caused as a result and/or due to use of this website. Rather, it shall only be liable for the information presented on the website and for the service it offers. The links from this website to other websites are solely meant as a convenience to the website user; the Association and its representatives do not bear and/or shall not bear any liability whatsoever for direct and/or indirect and/or circumstantial damage resulting or caused to the user after the user has followed the links to other sites as aforementioned, or as a result of relying upon the information that appears and/or is presented on these sites.

3. Intellectual Property

All copyrights and intellectual property rights on the website, including for the materials, content, designs, software, applications, computer code, graphics, pictures, photographs, video files, audio content - visual, recordings, music, designs, texts, scripts, transcripts, ideas, names, logo, symbols, trademarks, specifications or any other information of any type on the website and/or related to it (hereinafter: “the Content”) belongs exclusively to the Association and/or to the rights holder for the purpose of using them as part of the website, and they shall not be used, directly or indirectly, without the Association’s approval. The names, logo and all trademarks on the website and/or found on the website are registered trademarks, protected under international laws and treaties, and may not be used at all, directly or indirectly. Without detracting from the aforementioned, it is forbidden to copy, recreate, photocopy, distribute, present, claim, broadcast, publish, update, sell, make changes and/or make any other use whatsoever, in any way or form whatsoever, directly or indirectly, of the website Content and/or the information, software, products and/or services and related elements whose source is the website and/or the website Content for any illegal purpose.

4. Donations

The Association enables the user, via this website, to donate money for the Association’s needs in a simple, convenient and quick manner. Only individuals above the age of 18 are entitled to donate to the Association via the website. While making a credit card donation, the card will be verified by the credit card company and the website user will receive an immediate response regarding the progress of the transaction and whether the donation was accepted or rejected. The donor is entitled to contact the Association to request to change the charge details or cancel the transaction. The transaction may be cancelled up to 30 days after the donation was made by telephone or after the donation transaction was processed via the internet. The Association shall make the requested change according to the current policy set by the credit card company. In the event that the credit card company charges the Association a fee for the transaction, the donor will be charged for said fee. Transaction cancellations shall be made according to the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, Consumer Protection Regulations (Transaction Cancellation), 5771-2010. Do not provide false information. Providing false information is a criminal offense. A website user who commits this offense is subject to legal, criminal and civil prosecution. In the event that the transaction was not approved by the credit card company, the donor will receive notification of such. In order to complete the transaction, the user may contact the Association by telephone. The Association shall not bear any criminal or civil liability for illegal activities performed by website users or for any other act that is not under its full authority. After the donation is made, the Association will send the website user confirmation of the donation transaction according to the details provided by the user.

5. Information Privacy and Confidentiality

The Association shall be entitled to use the user’s personal information for its internal needs only. The Association undertakes to erase the website user’s personal information and not to make any use of it as aforementioned, if requested to do so explicitly and in writing by the website user. The Association shall not be considered to have breached its obligation of privacy or to have infringed the user’s privacy due to any information, by its definition in the Computers Law 5755-1995, that can be used to identify the user or that another party could use to track the user, by using electronic means of communication in general, and specifically computer-linked communications. The Association does not share personal, identifying information about the user with any third parties. Despite the aforementioned, this does not prohibit the Association from sharing the aforementioned information if required to do so in any legal proceeding or in response to a request and/or summons sent by the Israel Police and/or court, subject to any law. The credit card processing page on the website is secured by CAL at a high level of encryption and according to PCI DSS standards, in order to ensure maximum confidentiality of the details and information. The information provided by the user on the website is meant for the purpose of using the website, and will be protected according to the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981. The Association undertakes to do its best, using the means at its disposal, to protect the information and prevent possible infringement of the privacy of the information that the user has provided. However, it cannot completely prevent glitches and therefore will not bear any liability whatsoever for damages and/or malfunctions and/or glitches that ensue as aforementioned.