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Events, trips and parties

Making the ordinary extraordinary

For families fighting cancer, feelings of stress and depression can become normal. Zichron Menachem’s events, trip and parties bring excitement and fun back into their lives.

After Shabbat each week a singing and dancing squad of volunteers visits people in their homes, bringing joy along with them. Trips to ice skating and bowling give the kids regular events to look forward to, while the House of Dreams hosts regular parties to mark holidays and other special times. There’s never a dull moment with Zichron Menachem.


The number of children and families who have enjoyed days out and parties with Zichron Menachem


What your donation supports

What your donation supports

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  • Join us

    Join us

    Take part in activities that we offer for the entire family:
    This include:
    • Amazing holiday camps
    • Fun days and outings
    • Volunteers at the hospital
    • Parties and activities
    • Special outings just for you
    Who can benefit: Children and young people up to the age of 25, who have oncological diseases and are in active care or up to one year after treatment is completed.
    Parents and siblings of children and young people with cancer.
    For more information: 02-6400800 |
  • Daily Activities

    Daily Activities

    The House of Dreams is open for the entire family
    These include:
    • Activities and crafts for kids
    • Homework and tutoring
    • Professional psychological counselling
    • Workshops for parents and support groups
    • Spa treatments and complementary therapies
    • Meals and transportation
    Who can benefit: Families who have a child up to the age of 25, who have oncological diseases and is in active care or up to one year after treatment is completed.
    Parents and siblings of children and young people with cancer.
    For more information: 02-6400800 | email:
  • Request a wig

    Request a wig

    Enjoy the look of beautiful, natural hair
    Who can benefit:
    Thanks to our cooperation with Pantene Israel, we provide natural-looking wigs for women, children and young people (up to the age of 25) with cancer in Israel.
    What you get:
    A beautiful new wig in a variety of colours, lengths and hairstyles. Bespoke fitting by an expert stylist.
    How to apply: Fill in a Wig Request Form Attache the required documents and email or fax to us. After qualifying for a wig, you will receive a one-time voucher. With a wig you will also receive a tax invoice. This invoice must be submitted to your kupat cholim and the refund must be sent to Zichron Menachem.
  • Clinic of hope

    Clinic of hope

    Get a second opinion from Israel’s most senior specialists
    Our specialists:
    Professor Reuven Or – Head of the Bone Marrow Transplantation Department, the Center for Immunotherapy and Immunology of Cancer at Hadassah Hospital.
    Professor Eliyahu Freiman – Senior Oncologist.
    Who can benefit:
    Patients with oncological diseases of every age and condition.
    Members of the Meuhedet can attend free of charge.
    Adult members of other kupat cholim will be charged.
    Hours: Wednesdays, 5 pm to 8 pm By appointment only.
    Address: 10 Leo Wiseman Street, Jerusalem
    TO BOOK, PLEASE CALL: 02-6400800
  • Join camps

    Join camps

    Adventures good for body and soul
    Who can benefit: Children and young people between the ages of 6 and 25, who have oncological diseases and are in active care, or up to one year after treatment is completed.
    How to register: Please fill in and send us the following by email or fax: • An online application form • A medical form to be filled out by your doctor • A scan of an illness summary • A passport form + a photocopy of the child's passport and a passport picture • Pay registration and insurance fees. You can pay online, by cheque or wire transfer to our account.
    For more information: 02-6400800 |
  • Parents with cancer

    Parents with cancer

    Your children can enjoy daily activities
    This include:
    • Activities and crafts for kids
    • Homework and tutoring
    • Professional psychological counselling
    • Big brother programme
    • Meals and transportation
    Who can benefit: Children up to the age of 13 whose parents have cancer and are in active treatment and who live in the Jerusalem area.
    For more information: 02-6400800 |
  • Mobile hospital

    Mobile hospital

    Accompany them at all times
    Our on-site portable hospital is fully equipped with advanced medical equipment and prepared to deal with the patients’ needs at all times.

    Oncologists, psychologists and nurses ensure the children’s physical and emotional welfare and accompany them on all their outings.
  • Counselling and support

    Counselling and support

    Healing for the soul
    When kids get a chance to be with others in a similar situation they are able to support each other. Mental health professionals are on hand for one-to-one sessions as well as group therapy.
  • Empowering kids

    Empowering kids

    Awakening their thirst for life
    Cancer patients often feel they have lost themselves, their personality and their dignity while they go through treatment. They sometimes even lose the will to live. With activities from morning until night, along with adventures, parties, singing and more, our camps awaken their senses and give them back their thirst for life.
  • Seasonal camps

    Seasonal camps

    A much-needed break
    We run three holiday camps a year – in the winter, spring and summer – so it’s never too long before kids with cancer and their siblings can return to days of fun and nights of laughter.

    These camps give kids a break from anxiety and reinforce a sense of optimism for the future.
  • A chance to breathe

    A chance to breathe

    Back to normality
    When someone in the family is sick, the entire family is affected. The physical and emotional intensity, together with long periods of treatment, can take a toll on everyone. When parents entrust their children to us, and our skilled medical teams, they get a long-awaited opportunity to unwind.
  • Adventure outings and events

    Daily excursions

    Rediscovering life
    From trips to adventure parks to barbecues with dancing and magic shows, kids on our camps are treated to daily – and nightly – so they can rediscover life without worry.
  • Volunteer


    We need your time, expertise, energy
    It takes thousands of volunteers to make our magic happen. Everyone has something to give, from helping at our House of Dreams day centre to organising one-off events. If you have talent, time or energy to give, we would love to hear from you.
  • Sponsor a child

    Sponsor a child

    Help us make magic
    Zichron Menachem’s exciting activities give children a chance to be kids again. We are always looking for sponsors for events at camp and the House of Dreams.
  • Raise money

    Raise money

    Get active
    Run, walk, swim, hike or even skydive – whatever you choose to do, you can help raise money to improve the quality of life of children in Israel with cancer.
  • Donate your hair

    Donate hair

    Give of yourself
    Join the community of girls and women from countries around the world who together have helped make thousands of wigs for children who have lost their hair. We will give you all the information you need so you can help a child feel beautiful inside and out.
  • Activities and lessons

    Activities and lessons

    Daily dose of fun
    The House of Dreams offers children with cancer and their siblings activities, lessons and workshops throughout the day. Kids can learn a new hobby including photography and carpentry, while also having fun with other children in a similar situation. Music and martial arts lessons, crafts, cooking and gardening not only keep the kids busy but also give them a creative outlet while their parents are busy at work or caring for a sick child.
  • Learning programs

    Learning programs

    Keeping brains busy
    Qualified teachers help children who miss school make up on their lessons. Siblings benefit from homework clubs after school with experienced tutors.
  • Psychologic support

    Emotional support

    Relieving the pressure
    Counsellors offer one-to-one therapy for children with cancer, their siblings and parents. This support helps the entire family deal with the myriad off issues that come up during this challenging time.
  • Consultation medical clinic

    Consultation medical clinic

    Valuable second opinion
    The Clinic of Hope offers patients a second opinion with some of Israel’s most renowned medical specialists. Parents have a chance to ask questions and double check that the course of treatment is standard medical practice. It also provides innovative medical advice for patients with few other options.
  • Sibling support programs

    Sibling support programs

    Everyone is special
    When one child in the family has cancer, the whole family is affected. We help make sure that healthy children get the love and attention they need during this difficult time. Our support includes therapy, support groups, sibling camps and afterschool activities.
  • Meals & transport

    Meals & transport

    Helpful extras
    Children receive meals and transport to and from our House of Dreams to take a little bit of the load off busy parents.
  • Programs for parents

    Programs for parents

    Family care
    Parents get a break from the gruelling day-to-day care of a child with cancer with our support programmes. Trips in Israel and abroad, along with workshops, counselling and support groups help parents cope during this challenging time.
  • Help for children with sick parents

    Care for children with sick parents

    Help healing
    Children with parents who have cancer have access to the many activities we run at the House of Dreams. They also have a big brother/sister to help them with work, take them out on trips and give them much needed attention.
  • Spa & alternative therapy

    Spa & alternative therapy

    Time to relax
    Our newly built spa helps lift the spirit of children and parents alike. From massages to facials and reflexology, our spa treatments help ease tension and pain of patients and family members alike.
  • Big brother kollel program

    Big brother kollel program

    Valuable bonding time
    Children and siblings get a chance to build close big-brother-type relationships with young scholars as they study torah in the kollel programme. These connections, especially for siblings, give them much-needed individual attention during a time when their parents are often otherwise distracted. The classes also help kids keep up with their Judaic studies at a time when they may be missing school. and fun.
  • Devoted volunteers

    Devoted volunteers

    Helping hands
    Our services depend on scores of dedicated volunteers. From running errands for parents to helping worried children laugh, our helpers are at the heart of our operation supporting parents and children during treatment.
  • Support for parents

    Support for parents

    Sharing the load
    The burden that rests on the shoulders of parents with a sick child is impossible to overstate. Zichron Menachem is there to help share the weight. We send volunteers to hospital to stay with their child while they go home for much-needed rest and to care for their other kids. We also send volunteers to their homes help with the myriad of tasks that often get neglected while they are busy in hospital.
  • Kids activities

    Kids activities

    Keeping busy
    In hospital and away from the usual routine, kids face boredom and anxiety. Zichron Menachem brings a bit of fun to an otherwise difficult time. Volunteers run activities throughout the day, play with children individually, and make sure that kids minds and bodies are kept active.
  • Treats and sweets

    Treats and sweets

    Delicious delights
    Zichron Menachem’s food carts bring kids ice cream, sushi and other delights while they are in hospital. These do more than raise the spirit. Kids who often have trouble eating and getting the nourishment they need excitedly dig-in to the treats on the trolly.
  • Sponsored rides

    Sponsored rides

    Making transport easy
    Parents often need to make regular trips to the hospital to either visit kids or bring them for treatment. We help make these journeys easier by providing rides in taxis. Paying attention to these small details means that parents have more time to spend taking care of their families rather than taking complicated journeys on public transit.
  • Blood bank

    Blood components bank

    Organising donations
    Zichron Menachem manages the blood products bank at Hadassah Hospital. We ensure there are always enough blood products to meet patient’s needs. When supplies run short, we have a list of volunteers we can call on to come at a moment’s notice. This service saves the lives.
  • Guidance for parents

    Guidance for parents

    Knowledge is power
    When a child is diagnosed with cancer, parents often don’t know what to do first. Zichron Menachem helps parents navigate the many medical and social issues that come with a cancer diagnosis. Parent liaisons give parents answers to their many questions as well as an introduction to the many services Zichron Menachem provides.
  • Counselling and therapy

    Counselling and therapy

    Healing for the soul
    Parents receive complementary one-to-one counselling from experienced mental health professionals. This extra support helps parents cope with the many emotional challenges they face when a child has cancer.
  • Support groups

    Support groups

    Stronger together
    Support groups help parents feel that they are not alone and that their challenges are not unique. These groups enable them to learn from the experiences of other parents in a similar situation. The groups also help ease the emotional burden placed on them when a child has cancer.
  • Parents respite

    Parents respite

    A needed break
    Parents caring for a child with cancer rarely have a moment to rest. Zichron Menachem’s respite trips provide parents with a much break. In addition to family weekends away in Israel throughout the year, we also take parents abroad. These trips give them an opportunity to reconnect with their spouse, and catch up on much-needed rest.
  • Family retreats

    Family retreats

    Fun for everyone
    Zichron Menachem treats the entire family to much-needed getaways. These trips away give parents and children a chance to reconnect with each other as well as meet other families going through a similar experience.
  • Challah and flowers for Shabbat

    Challah and flowers for Shabbat

    A healing touch
    Parents are often so busy taking care of the daily needs that they can forget the little touches that make a house a home. Each week, our volunteers bring challah and flowers to Zichron Menachem families, helping to bring Shabbat in on the right foot.
  • Spa & alternative therapy

    Spa & alternative therapy

    Time to relax
    Our newly built spa helps lift parents’ spirits. From massages to facials and reflexology, our treatments help ease tension, anxiety and worry.
  • Help at home

    Help at home

    Sharing the load
    Laundry, cooking, homework and more – taking care of a family is no small task, especially when children need extra care. Zichron Menachem sends volunteers and staff to our families, helping them with the regular chores so they can give attention to the kids who need it most.
  • Workshops and outings

    Workshops and outings

    Caring for parents
    Parents get a chance to exercise their brains and have a break from taking care of a child with cancer with lectures and creative activities at the House of Dreams. What’s more, we regularly send volunteers to babysit so parents can go out alone and have a chance to reconnect with each other.
  • Celebrate life

    Celebrate life

    Marking a milestone
    For a child with cancer, a birthday is more than an annual party. It is a celebration of another year of life together with family and friends. Zichron Menachem organises their dream day, complete with gifts and guest stars, to lift their spirit and create precious memories.
  • Mobile salon

    Mobile salon

    Looking & feeling good
    When the mobile medical centre is not in use, it is easily converted into a salon. Parked at hospitals around Israel, we run classes to teach girls with cancer and their mothers how to care for their wigs, as well as collect donations of hair to make wigs.
  • Great expectations

    Great expectations

    Powerful experiences
    School vacations and holidays are marked by more than the usual celebrations. Zichron Menachem’s trips, parties and events give our kids something to look forward to and fight for throughout the course of their treatment.

    For kids whose spirits need a boost during difficult times, Zichron Menachem is there to treat them to special outings and parties. And for those that maybe just want a quiet day at home after weeks in the hospital, we help make that possible too, with extra carers and medical professionals on hand.
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Rina, Yaeli's mother

"A party like this gives you strength for another year."

Rina, Yaeli's mother

"A party like this gives you strength for another year."

"The guys from Zichron Menachem knew exactly how to cheer me up. They got an ATV and we went on a trip. The next day my blood counts rose."

9 years old


"The guys from Zichron Menachem knew exactly how to cheer me up. They got an ATV and we went on a trip. The next day my blood counts rose."

9 years old


You can make a difference

Sponsor a special celebration for a child or young adult with cancer and give them a reason to celebrate life

You can make a difference

Sponsor a special celebration for a child with cancer and give a reason to celebrate life

You can make a difference

Sponsor a special celebration for a child or young adult with cancer and give them a reason to celebrate life